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Slowly adding more stories. Call this my "Kodachi Update"; I added a TIL epilog called "The Color of the Rose" and my ten-part story, "Roses of Shadow".

Thy Outward Part - a Ranma 1/2 fanfic series

Thy Outward Part
The first story that tells of a young college student named Kentaro who meets an intriguing fellow student, a young woman who is an extraordinary martial artist with an extraordinary problem.

The Nature of Love
The follow-up, which takes place three years after "Thy Outward Part" on the eve of graduation.

Time Never Did Assuage
Ranma Saotome leaves home to attend college, and tries to make the adjustments necessary to survive. It's basically "Thy Outward Part" told from Ranma's perspective.

With Thy Brave Bearing
Another story in the "Thy Outward Part" series. This takes place just before the events of "The Nature of Love". Some mild lime bits.

Half a Kiss
Continuing the "Thy Outward Part" saga, this details how Ranma and Akane deal with the events of "The Nature of Love" and how Ranma comes to his decision.

Thy Inward Love - a Ranma 1/2 fanfic series

Heart of the Home
My very first fanfic. Life in the Tendo home from Kasumi's perspective.

The Right Side of the Ledger
After a bad experience, Nabiki re-evaluates her life, and looks outside the family for guidance.

Thy Inward Love, Part I: Of Men and Pandas
Ranma seems to be losing his edge, and looks to his father for help.

Thy Inward Love, Part II: Felt Yet Unspoken
Akane is faced with an unexpected challenge from Ranma.

Thy Inward Love, Part III: To Pierce the Blackness
Ukyo is forced to face some unpleasant truths about herself.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter IV: That Way Madness Lies
Nabiki wants to help her sister, and that means dealing with Kodachi.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter V: Worth Killing For
Shampoo will do anything to win Ranma's heart.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter VI: The Price of Glory
Shampoo has to consider what it will cost her to obtain everything she desires.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter VII: Shadows of the Past
Cologne demonstrates what it means to cross the Amazons.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter VIII: Decisions
Opportunities abound for happiness. But what if you always get lost on the way?

Thy Inward Love, Chapter IX: Cursed
Ranma explains the true nature of being cursed by the pools of Jusenkyo.

Thy Inward Love, Chapter X: One Part of Two
Ranma tries to understand what it means to be one half of a greater whole.

The Dying of the Rose
Eight years after the events of "Thy Inward Love", Kodachi returns home to an uncertain welcome.

Roses of Shadow - a Ranma 1/2 fanfic series

Roses of Shadow, Part One: These Last So Bad
Ranma loses a fight, and has to deal with some rather unexpected consequences.

Roses of Shadow, Part Two: What Honor Compels
Ranma has some difficult adjustments to make within the Kuno mansion.

Roses of Shadow, Part Three: Why Should He Live
While trying to figure out what to do with his life, an enemy from Ranma's past returns.

Roses of Shadow, Part Four: The Walls of Denial
Ranma learns more about the Kuno family history.

Roses of Shadow, Part Five: The Cost of Treatment
Ranma gets help from an unexpected source: Nabiki.

Roses of Shadow, Part Six: Rose's Scent
Kodachi and Ranma finally have a discussion about mental illness.

Roses of Shadow, Part Seven: Letters From Inside
While trying to return the Kuno household to a semblance of normalcy, Ranma receives a series of letters from Kodachi.

Roses of Shadow, Part Eight: The Color Black
Kodachi tries to explain why being treated is not necessarily better than suffering from the sickness.

Roses of Shadow, Part Nine: Moments of Light
Ranma attempts to work his way back into the Tendo family's good graces while still trying to help Kodachi.

Roses of Shadow, Part Ten: His Rose is True
Once again Ranma finds out that actions sometimes have unexpected consequences, and this time he has no one left to turn to other than himself.

All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku fanfics

Like Fish to a Cat
You don't need to be familiar with the Nuku Nuku anime to read this; it's a retelling of how Nuku Nuku came to be.

Facets of Love
Nuku Nuku attempts to learn what it truly means to love and be loved.

What Breast So Cold
Just as Natsume Atsuko - also known as Nuku Nuku - is beginning to understand who she really is, a new enemy takes it all away from her.

Kimagure Orange Road fanfics

Life So Dear
While Kyosuke prepares for his wedding to Madoka, a certain cousin gets into trouble, spreading chaos throughout the Kasuga clan. Important note: This fanfic is based on the manga, not the anime or movies. It references events that only took place in the manga, and builds on the end of the manga, which is different from how the anime ended. As an aside, this is one of my favorite stories that I wrote, but it never found much of an audience because so few people are familiar with the KOR manga.
Life So Dear, Part I
Life So Dear, Part II

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